Cloud computing possess various benefits. Typically a business wants to develop infrastructure, service or networking resources as all of them are accessible in a cloud platform to third parties.

With Digital Info Labs, you can achieve large-scale solutions and server-side applications taking complete advantage of the hardware and abstraction of location furnished by the modern cloud providers offering a stable and trustworthy experience to the users.

Cloud Application Development Services

Digital Info Labs proffers a wide range of cloud application development to the gown up enterprises and the start-ups for the speedy growth of the client’s businesses

Technological sphere where we leave a mark

Our focus is to enable speedy growth of the client’s businesses. Thus we use a lot of frameworks to as to attain the best application possible having the least bugs .Our frameworks include Python, ASP.NET Core, PHP, etc. Having the user friendly coding and interface for the maximum profit

Amazon services

  • Disaster recovery
  • IaaS      
  • PaaS      


  • Disaster recovery
  • High availability 
  • Load balancers 

Microsoft azure

  • Load balancers
  • Geo replication
  • Security   

Goole cloud

  • PaaS 
  • IaaS  
  • Security

Security aspects of cloud

At architecture security of cloud is embedded. The onus is to educate what is part of a cloud architecture system so that gaps in security coverage can be interpreted. A series of step include

Understanding of security architecture

An enterprise may look at implementation of detection systems or virtual firewalls. We assure weak points of a cloud computing system will be tapped

Analyse compliance

Incorporating data privacy measures and levying hefty pains to companies who do not comply with regulations.

Due diligence

We encourage enterprises should not only analyse or review compliance but update themselves on the latest security measures.

Heading towards performance management tools

In evaluation of a cloud computing platform this ceases to be an important step. Issues are spotted and reported to concerned IT professionals.

Benefits of cloud

Sharing of resources among a community, management of workload between public and private platforms are the major benefits

Business endurance

Secure, safe, easily accessible are characteristics of cloud platform. An enterprise can enhance productivity by reducing costs.

Information available at fingertips

Irrespective of your time zone or location, data stored on a cloud platform is easily accessible

Ease to deploy

We develop and formulate services which are easily arrayed with convenient services and models.

Cost effective

Saving of costs via reduced spending for infrastructure and hardware.

Why avail our services

We are trend setters in SAS application expansion with committed cloud computing methodologies. No stone are unturned by our staff in contributing to an organizations mutual growth and success

Industry expertise

Demonstrating a high level of intelligence our staff develops cloud computing solutions for business of various niches

Risk management

A dedicated team of business analysts conduct in depth research and analysis on potential threats or issues

Unlimited accessibility

Support managers are available 24/7 to assist you in each and every step of project implementation maintenance

Straight project management

If you are looking to take stock of your projects without any third party interface then get in touch with us


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