.Net Development Team

We have a team of .NET people who are experienced in putting up the framework in a number of different business and industrial niches.


Why .NET

NET is a framework for web services that enables users to use the web for various services instead of their computers. With the help of this framework, businesses as well as individuals can seamlessly operate various applications and computing devices by making computing more web browser-oriented. The .NET framework involves servers, Web-based data storage, and device software. It also includes a Microsoft identity verification service known as Passport.

Synchronization of data in real time across platforms

With proper implementation of .NET framework in your web server, you can make sure that data is automatically updated in the website in real time across a range of platforms and devices. So data about ecommerce transactions or inventory is updated in the server and it can be viewed in real time irrespective of the viewing device.


Ease of access and synchronization of information

Central data storage is the pivot of .NET framework. This increases efficiency of operation and also enhances ease of access and synchronization of information among various devices and users.

Integration of various communications media

It can integrate various communication media like e-mail, telephones, fax etc.

Technology stack

As part of our team we have dedicated and specialised .net language experts and stacks. A handy team is there for your help


  • IOT      
  • Machine learning
  • Office 365   
  • SharePoint   

User Interface

  • DevExtreme Web
  • Infragistics  
  • ComponentOne
  • Janus UI   


  • NTLM   
  • Encryption
  • Auditing 

Data Service

  • SOAP    
  • OData    
  • REST    
  • ASP NET Web

Benefits Of .NET Framework

We can help you build complex software to grow your business.


We can produce clear codes and deliver projects in time. We test the software for bugs and issues that may affect the performance of program.

Attractive And User Friendly Interface

We design friendly user interface that offer excellent user experience. We know that businesses need to have engaging websites in order to attract people and interact with them.

All New Technology

Outdated technology is a drag on the performance of systems. We have the latest technology stack to build all the software application or for system development.

Simple Deployment

The .NET technology stack boasts of components which have the ability to speed up development and deployment. We are adept in all components of .NET framework and can make development and deployment smooth and easy.

Hiring The Best .NET People

Hiring the best .NET people should be the priority of businesses since .NET brings with it a whole new framework. You need to go through a process to select the best people.

Face To Face Meeting

We engage with your business representative to understand the complexities of your business and how to implement .NET in this scenario.

Follow Best Practices

We follow industry-defined best practices to develop and understand requirements of businesses.

Putting Together a Team

You need to select the perfect team to get the best result. We analyze the desired functionalities and existing system to put together the best team.

Brand Strategy

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Hiring the best people

As part of our team we have dedicated, specialised .net language experts and stacks. A handy team is there for your help

Flexible software protocols

One key is kept on the latest methodologies with equal weighable being given to SLDC. Once you have team members in place takes can be evaluated with efficient time and management tools.

Incessant assimilation

Incessant assimilation paves timely intervention of errors and for these costs for expansion is trimmed. For superior quality assurance automated tests are combined with CI

Quality best in the business

We make it a point that even our test engineers are empowered to undertake all test types. Required test documentation is prepared and pin points about existing or emerging threats

Program analysis

A code review is undertaken, with software analysing special tools. With an analysis any errors are pointed which debugs its features. This enables to work on its features along with mathematic abilities


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