Re Engineering Migration

Digitalinfolab is an experienced and professional company that works with re-engineering and managing your projects. We help you to integrate on lesser platforms.

Digitalinfolab will help you to re-engineer your applications. We will also help you in migrating your projects for better effectiveness. Our approach is more of tool-based. We render solutions that are firmer and accentuating.

Re engineering and migration with Digital Info lab.

From using the old legacy systems to making use of the latest versions of technologies, we do it all. We render support in all the systems whether it is data sources, architecture, business logic or UI. At Digitalinfolab we convert the modules to working components by making use of the best possible solutions.



we work at the area of expanding your product to some other technologies.



All your data content would be transferred from one system to another.

Data migration

Data migration

your data will be migrated to the cloud and then to another database.

Key advantages of working with us

As mentioned, we render the best solutions to you and your company so as to make the legacy work smoothly.

Software re-engineering

we re-engineer your applications to ensure their smooth functioning. Cloud migration- we work to migrate all your data to the cloud.

Cloud migration

we work to migrate all your data to the cloud.

Reviewing the codes

It is also important to review all the written codes to prevent any sort of misfunctioning.

Finding hidden dangers

your code may contain any concealed threats. We aim at removing all of them.

What else do we have to offer?

Apart from all these things, there are a lot of other services that we offer

Analyzing the application portfolio

we analyze the complete application portfolio of those who have to work.

Delivering automated processes

we deliver automated processes to the users.

Tran scripting

some codes do require transcription to a new language. We do the same to your code.


we also help in migration of your database.

Chief features of re-engineering

There are a lot of reasons why re-engineering is beneficial. Let us catch a glimpse.


Lowers the costs

Facts state that re-engineering actually helps you to lower the costs than building a totally new system.

Reduces the risks involved

It also avoids the risks of losing a knowledge of business which may be a part of the legacy system.

Comes in stages

The best part of re-engineering it is that it takes place in a lot of stages and the expenditure as well as the resources are always available.

Makes better use of existing staff

you would not have to go to altogether for a new crew. The older ones might help you with the re-engineering.

One solution to all problems

Thus, it is pretty clear that re-engineering needs a lot of experience and professionalism and with the help of Digitalinfolab you would be able to get the best solutions for it owing to a dedicated team.

To get our assistance, you can contact us anytime by mail or give us a call. We will help you then and there.


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