Modern business houses require optimum travel solutions. These travel solutions are required to ensure that you get what is bets in the business.

Digital info lab has been doing the same since last 7 years. We are also aiming to cover the budding travelers who love to travel in budget. Our technical experts are also tapping the entire travel industry in a nutshell

Our services

When it comes to travelling industry, then it is still in a budding phase. So, what we aim here is to suffice to our traveling needs. Some of the major key services that we aim to cover under this domain are 

Business management

Business management

 It is very important to manage the business house. This is required for timely delivery of the set up and thus our services will also be ensured in a similar manner



it is very important to tap the travel freelancers. And this is one of our major and unique services which we are offering at digital info lab

Revenue management

Revenue management

revenue management is what we are aiming to deal to. This is what makes us stand out among the consumers and ensures that our clientele services are also maintained at the same time.

Our key benefits

Benefits are innumerable when you combine tech of digital info lab and what is available in the sports industry. This is what we take care at our sphere of domain

UX Improvement

– UX improvement is improving the overall user access and thus ensuring that the application is enabled to provide you information which is available at your fingertips

Data science

Data science enables us to provide system based information and that too which is quite readily available

Revenue management

managing revenue and that too with the help of software is something which we are trying to achieve here.

Data improvement

you need to always improve your data from time to time and then only the optimum results could be achieved.

Our solutions

Digital info lab is what our solutions are aimed at when it comes to sports industry. Our solutions can broadly be categorized as

Booking and reservation

this is what we aim at when we want to tap the market. This is very cluttered and with digital info lab we want to organize the same

CRM and loyalty

CRM and loyalty cards are something which is unique to the travel industry and thus with digital info lab, we are aiming to cover the same here

Quality management

quality management is our top priority and thus we believe in top notch quality to take care of for our traveller group

Legacy platform management

This is very important and new concept when it comes to our delivery. This is to be taken care of by the digital info lab expert team

Why should you chose Digital Info Lab?

we should chose digital info lab because there are known to provide distinct set of unique services to the travel industry and widespread travelers at every nook and corner of the industry

Round the clock

round the clock delivery is something which is very important and this is what we aim at digital info lab. We provide you assistance all round the clock

Expert response

our expert team at digital info lab ensures that your service delivery is well maintained and it meets the expert response

Post maintenance

This is very important and we provide complete post tech support which is very important and ensures timely review of the same

Tech support

Tech support is very important and imperative when it comes to all round maintenance of the travel industry.


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