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Application Maintenance

Digital Infolab provides on-call development assistance, constructive repair, bug fixing, improvement, user support, and training among other additional resources. To put it another way, we oversee the whole application maintenance life cycle.


In today's world, application programs run nearly everything. This naturally puts a lot of burden on the software maintenance and support infrastructure, as well as the money. In order to successfully operate and sustain complex software systems, there could be technological bugs and then there could be administrative problems to resolve.

Thus at Digital Infolab we will provide round-the-clock coverage for application portfolios depending on your requirements, budget, and preferred interaction model. Microsoft Technology, Open Source, apps, and enterprise applications are some of our areas of expertise.

Digital Infolab has a healthy mix of Senior and young technicians and application consultants on its staff. We have a tradition of keeping things going smoothly.

Organizations must push improvements to the technology landscape while preserving current critical IT applications and infrastructure as companies continue to evolve. Our custom application maintenance and support services are designed to reduce system downtime and boost performance efficiency of the applications. Our well-established project management processes and application maintenance services help you save money while maintaining a high quality of service. The following are common phases of our application maintenance services:

  • Requirements- We understand the needs of the organization, then schedule and estimate the activities that must be completed.
  • Transition- Learn about current IT systems and how to keep them running smoothly.
  • Maintenance- Existing bugs will be addressed, and new functionality will be enhanced.
  • Support- Constant assistance help for addressing serious problems with business applications as soon as possible.

Digital Infolab uses a cutting-edge technique that involves planning, research, and design, as well as installation, configuration, and deployment. We also provide additional services

How we can help

According to a recent IT survey, a typical large organization today spends up to 80% of its IT budget on sustaining and supporting existing structures. Just 20% of the budget is left for creative technologies and strategic initiatives. IT businesses are unable to satisfy the demands of demanding market users due to the 80-20 pit. As a result, IT firms are forced to choose between critical new efforts in analytics, cloud, mobile, or social, and offering high-quality IT services at a low cost.

Digital Infolab understands this and helps create next-generation IT organizations by offering application maintenance services. One way to ensure that your maintenance costs do not eat into your production budget is to recruit our AMS. Our programs ensures their IT applications have reduced costs, reduced risk, and improved ROI. Application support, user support, operations support, and end-user support are all supported by Digital Infolab.

Why Should You Use Digital InfoLab?

  • Flexible approach to meet the needs of the company.
  • Consistent service levels and increased application efficiency.
  • Suggestions for device changes should be made to reduce the likelihood of imminent business critical issues.
  • Lower costs and a higher return on investment
  • Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure a fast turnaround.
  • Reduce risk and boost predictability
  • Projects will be released on schedule and will be enhanced.
  • Your application’s stability and performance guaranteed.

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