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Odoo formerly known as OpenERP is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning(ERP) software made up of an integrated suite of business modules including inventory management, billing, accounting, warehouse management, financial management, project management, manufacturing and purchasing. Odoo integrates every possible sales channel with strong inventory management. Odoo currently offers a plethora of functions consisting of more than 1000 different modules for various business needs. It also encourages various collaboration at Odoo/OpenERP development of features. In addition to that, it offers legal, financial and organizational support to the Odoo Open Source community. Odoo has committed client portals that help to manage all client data. It allows users to download delivery orders and invoices. It can track shipments that are pending or delayed from a solitary location. Odoo has double-entry inventory management which allows full tracking of products and materials from the supplier to the user. It prepares delivery orders based on availability. One of the key features of Odoo is that it is module based. Each module can be easily tested and used and more modules can be added as per requirements. While doing all of this it maintains the benefits of an integrated solution all along.

We at Digital InfolLab offer world-class customized Odoo solutions to meet all your business requirements. The open-source development model of Odoo permitted us to leverage numerous business experts and developers to build an ecosystem of business apps that are fully integrated. Odoo's unique framework allowed us to provide top-notch usability and high performance that scales across all apps.

Out-of-the-box integration. Experience a never seen before level of integration with our Odoo solutions today!

How we can help

Our experts modify the features or modules at the code level to fulfil the specific demands of yours. We make use of its tools that address Point of Sale, Email marketing, Invoicing, sales and subscriptions. Our Odoo experts will help you from classifying and managing your sales orders on a hierarchical system to managing your employee's attendances. Odoo's mobile user interface can accommodate members of a sales team even when the internet connection is not available. Companies can use Odoo to assist you in the management of your manufacturing and/or assembly operations. Odoo has the capability to trigger quality checks automatically for manufacturing departments so you can be assured about the quality of the products. With our specialized Odoo module, your enterprise or firm can collect data regarding each employee in one database. It keeps records of each employee's status, contract type, schedules, dates and job title. You can also create timesheets per week or per month and document the time consumed by every employee in each project. Odoo can automate the entire invoicing process which enables you to save time on data entry. Our Odoo based software solutions help you to get instant access to all accounting features on your mobile devices.

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  • We have a team of highly active developers that will help you to improve business efficiency and enhance workforce productivity.
  • Our team is always up-to-date to adapt to the changing business paradigms. We will help your business modernize and evolve.
  • Unlike many other companies which only specialize in a few areas we have the expertise to help you manage all of your business technologies.
  • We have a healthy ecosystem between teams of different departments that will address all your problems including security concerns, eliminating errors and softwares not properly working and resolve them quickly.
  • Our services are tailored specifically for you and your establishment to explore practical growth strategies.

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