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Staff Augmentation

Digital Infolabs' IT Staff Augmentation Services include vital skill sets for your company or IT goals, filling holes in your existing team and delivering staffing solutions.


On the IT work market, staff augmentation is fast becoming a buzzword, prompting more multinational companies to recruit remotely. Staff augmentation is a versatile outsourcing approach that allows you to recruit and manage your augmented staff directly from anywhere in the world. You get to pick and choose from the applicants that best suit your needs, and you can cut or expand your augmented team as required.

Digital Infolab's IT staff augmentation services will help you add professional technical talent to your in-house team on a short-term or long-term basis. These personnel are hired directly by the experts, which eliminates the expense and risk of making new full-time hires. Remote developers recruited by a staffing firm, on the other hand, are committed to only one project at a time.

With our staff augmentation model, you have complete control over the applicants you hire and the processes you use to handle them. Essentially, the vendor handles all operational and logistical tasks, allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities and work with your augmented team in the same way as you do with your in-house developers.

With our new staff augmentation methods, Digital Infolab will ensure that your projects keep pace with your business needs, enhancing your business and staff's productivity.

How Can We Help

Digital Infolab will help you supplement your IT workers as needed, with a variety of experts to choose from. We have the staffing augmentation solution to get you where you need to go, no matter what kind of help you need. When you're short on an ability you'll need to complete your project, enlist the support of technology experts to bridge the gap.

The deep pool of business and technology consultants at Digital Infolab is ready to support you whenever you need it, ensuring that as your situation requires, you always have a team of experts on demand. Our IT workforce augmentation services will provide your resource base with unrivaled expertise and advice, allowing you to respond to a constantly shifting competitive environment.

In the field of IT Staff Augmentation, Digital Infolab is a leader. We've helped a number of large and mid-size clients achieve their business objectives in recent years by delivering high-quality IT talent around the world. It's all about finding the right candidates for the right work, with the right skills.

Through a creative, best-in-class recruitment engine backed by a dedicated client-centric service orientation, we bridge the IT talent demand-supply gap.

Benefits to your Business

  • Dedicated teams and a client-centric model.
  • Recruiting for particular domains and skills.
  • Recruiting engine available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for fast turnaround, resulting in best augmentation.
  • With 60+ offices in seven nations, we have global coverage.
  • Maintaining a consistently high rate of candidate retention, well above industry averages
  • Regardless of how many people you've met, you only pay for the experts you employ.
  • You have the flexibility to grow or shrink your remote team whenever you want.
  • We work with a network of experts and have a system in place to match you with the right one for your needs.

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