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Digital Infolab commits to provide robust protection to our customers, products, and organizations. We firmly believe in building and nurturing trust, decreasing risks, and doing what is right for our customers.

At Digital Infolab, we are committed to protecting your privacy and provide you with a positive experience while looking into our website or using our services.

The Privacy Statement applied to our website explains how we handle the personal information and choices of collection, use, access, update, or correct it.

Personal Information

The information used in identifying an individual is known as Personal Information. This information may include the name, address, email address, phone number, login information like account number and password of an individual.

The types of personal information we may process mainly depend on the context of the business and the objective involved in the collection of the information.

If we link your personal information with other data, we will treat the linked data as personal information.

Collection of Personal Information

Since you use our website or interact with us, we might collect data that include your personal information. We may also obtain personal information from third-party sources and captivate them to collect information on our behalf.

We collect your personal information for numerous business reasons, like:

  • Provide you with a newsletter subscription
  • Managing and sending communications and preferences related to marketing
  • Enable the client to use certain features of the website
  • Creating an account
  • Personalizing and improvising user experience
  • Providing the best customer service
  • Order processing with the payment transactions

We will not collect your information unless you permit us by entering it into our website. However, you can get access to our website without sharing your personal information. In case of any query raised by you, we will require your contact details. So, it will be of good use if you provide us with your contact details.

Sometimes, our website also collects non-personal identifiable information of our visitors. This information includes their searches, their actions, details about their device, and software information they use to provide them a good experience while surfing.

Uses of Personal Information

We collect your personal information for the following uses:

  • To keep a track of your information used for service providing.
  • To inform you about any changes in the services or privacy policy.
  • We use your data to help you provide customer support and resolve any technical issues.
  • We analyze the personal information and use it to improve the performance and usage of services.
  • Providing us with your personal information will help you to get the latest news, offers, or update about our services or events that will occur in the future.
  • Therefore, your data will be used as a promotional tool for our website.

Retention of Personal Information

We will keep your personal information as long as it fulfills the purposes for which it is collected. You can delete your information whenever you wish to do so. Our data retention policy complies with our business requirements, legal obligations to resolve issues and disputes, protect our assets, and impose our rights and agreements.

Furthermore, these data are retained from our internal server, and no third party has access to our server. Our arduous security saves your data from improving other functionalities in our services.

Transfer of Personal Information

We provide you with a safe and secure digital platform with integral security of your personal information. Your privacy is our priority, and so we will ensure that your data is safe and not transferred to any third-party organizations. Sometimes, the law may oblige you to share your personal information only in a governmental jurisdiction.

Submitting your data will give us consent for your data usage and transfer of data from our website.

Use of Cookies By Our Website

Cookies are the stored or retrieved data of the user’s device, when they use our website. It includes your visit to our website, your action to our website, and the information you have entered on our website. Our website uses these cookies to collect your information and use it to improve and understand our website’s usage. Our website does not use your personal or identifiable information unless you give us the right access to your data. It is like an ID card that collects your data by your computer server.

By using cookies, we aim at understanding your action and usage to provide you better service and content in the future.

However, if you don’t want to share your personal information using these cookies, you will even get an option to stop using them. Simply go to your browser setting and accept or deny the cookie acceptance features.

Security Policy

Our customer’s security matters a lot to us. So, we keep your personal information safe and secure on our website.

  • We provide you with an overall secure platform and take measures for unauthorized activities like theft, loss, and use of your personal information.
  • We provide you with complete confidentiality and unencrypted data so that nobody outside our website can use your personal information.
  • We also advised you not to provide any super-sensitive information on any of our website’s links.

We are responsible for your safety if any malpractices are done on our website. Moreover, we are not responsible for the safety of your data on any other links or connections over the internet.

Rights To Our Website

You have a complete right to your personal information, which means you can edit, modify, delete the use it at any time. If you are unable to do the changes, feel free to contact us to make the changes at your provided data. You can even ask our team to provide you the necessary personal information. You can access, rectify and get a copy of your information and can even request us to delete it held by future requirements.

Before making any changes, you will also be asked to verify your identity to ensure that you are the same person who requested the changes.

Access To Your Personal Information

You can access your personal information effortlessly. We allow you to update and delete your personal information using your account settings. If you are unable to do the changes, you can directly mail us at We will improvise and reduce your efforts to do necessary changes to your personal information from our website.

Moreover, deleting your personal information will permanently delete it from your server and will not be misused in the future.

Disclosure of Law Enforcement

We have to disclose your personal information under certain circumstances. For instance, if the government authorities like court, police, or government agency have requested for it.

Children’s Privacy

We encourage parents and active guardians to take an active part in their child’s online activities. We do not collect children’s information unknowingly or without parents or guardians’ consent. If you believe that we have collected information from someone under the applicable age of consent, please let us know by using the “Contact Us” section of our website.

Complaint Resolution

You can address any complaint related to the information, data, security through our website. Contact us on the given mail Id, and we will address your problem and revert you the solutions as soon as possible.

Update On the Privacy Policy

We will hereby update you about our privacy policy as and when the changes arise. Any changes in our privacy policy will be provided to you in our privacy statement section. We commit to provide you a safe and secure platform and protect your privacy on our website.

How To Contact Us:

If you have any queries related to the privacy policy of our website, let us know by contacting us on:

A-44, Sector-16, Noida, India.

Phone Number: +91-824 059 0552 (INDIA)

Phone Number: +1(707)2258072 (USA)

Email Id:

By using our website, you give us your consent to all the guidelines and terms provided in our privacy policy. Any change in the policy will be updated here.


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