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Come and experience a never-seen-before integration of Development and Operations. We ensure minimum friction to maximize and enhance developer productivity.


DevOps is a set of practices that collaborate and integrate development and operations. They work together to deliver consistent and seamless services. Operations need less engineering for automated infrastructure and Developers can create a frictionless environment. DevOps is a firm handshake between the software development department and IT teams that unites agility, automation, continuous delivery and much more. By applying the right combinations of DevOps technology high-quality software-based products and services are delivered. Automation is an important element of DevOps as it includes provisioning which is automated, brings up servers in a real deploys state and scales up servers within minutes. DevOps is not only technology but it combines philosophy and culture. Cultural change is required for a potential DevOps transformation.

We at Digital InfoLab use end-to-end solutions to implement DevOps practices by envisioning, analyzing, designing, constructing, automating and implementing according to needs specified for each project. Our team creates a DevOps assessment roadmap by envisioning the desired state and marking the traceable metrics. Our team combines together your existing tools and our licensed tools and a robust ecosystem of open source is created thereafter. Our team helps you to study the current state of DevOps culture, toolchain and modify and upgrade your maturity model. We put emphasis on continuous, error-free, faster and automated deployment. We leverage a CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) pipeline to fill in the Dev-Ops gap. We implement single tool management for all your platforms and clouds. We contentiously monitor configurations of activity reports and eliminate configuration mismatches

Be a leader of the DevOps a cultural and organizational movement. Our world-class DevOps solutions will fulfill all your needs and future proof your business

How we can help

Our DevOps service offerings ensure rapid on boarding of applications by automated delivery pipeline and facilitated development and integration across platforms. We integrate and measure everything that is moved into production. Our team employs continuous delivery, continuous monitoring. We use automation to reduce the burden of running repetitive tests which are performed manually. We ensure code approval and delivery approval are in the right place so that the code can be deployed with appropriate pauses. We have experts who provide AI-driven DevOps insights. We align business objectives, work and team for rapid digital transformation. We conduct continuous testing including UI/functional testing, mock services, load testing and more. Our AI-powered solutions select, prioritize and conduct tests depending on the pipeline, deducting hours from every cycle.

Why Should You Use Digital InfoLab?

  • We focus on reduced cost and increased efficiency to flourish your business.
  • We help organizations to reach their goals faster and reliably.
  • We aim at the production of high-quality software-based services and products.
  • Our team emphasizes on shifting in the mindset, tighter integration and better collaboration.
  • Our team helps you to run hundreds of workloads for millions of clients on a virtualized and shared platform.
  • We help you to accelerate the delivery of all of your apps via containers and cloud-native Dev tools
  • We foster innovations and apply agile and lean principles on the software lifecycle which improves the processes.

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