The Science Behind Neuralink AI Brain Chip

You might have heard of Elon Musk, an entrepreneur, engineer, chief of SpaceX, CEO of Tesla, co-founder and chairperson of Open AI and Neuralink as well. Neuralink is a natural technique by a neural tech company that combines humans with computers, it was founded in 2016.

18 Feb 2021

What Is Neuralink?

In 2017, when the Wall Street Journal divulged it, Elon Musk founded a company that would combine human brains and computers. Neuralink is the result of something which Elon Musk was afraid of. This fear was that one-day artificial intelligence would replace human beings and human intelligence with be of no use then. Thus, this project of Musk is all about controlling computers with human brains.

How Is It Made?

Eight months back, Elon Musk roughly explained the science behind Neuralink AI brain chip. He proposed in a theoretical way that a micro-sized chip would be implanted at the backside of the ear. This chip will be attached to the brain by using small electrodes and threads. Anyway, this concept has already been implemented on a paralyzed man who could control a robotic arm with his thoughts. Elon stated that he expects that Neuralink would become successful in performing collaboration between artificial intelligence and human brains.

Scientific achievements of Neuralink

In Replacing Surgeon with Stitching Machine

Neuralink has recently come up with a new idea. In this technology, scientists will insert the single strands of DNA and RNA into the brain using a device separate from the sewing machine, which will poke the threads or strands into the cortex or 1 mm inside the brain with the help of a sharp-pointed needle. To perform this task, a video is taken of blood circulation in the brain vessels using a microscope. Further on, a small robot does the work of needle adjustment for stitching. This technology is known as online motion correction.

To Move Floppy Wires Without Harming The Blood Vessels of Brain

Neuralink will be using some extremely flexible wires in their device. The diameter of these wires is less as compared to human hair. These hair-like wires carry thin and film-like electrodes with them. These electrodes can not only track brain activity but also induct a particular activity theoretically. In a statement on behalf of Neuralink, it was said that the flexible wires which Neuralink introduced would be able to remove the risk of brain damage because of wires as alive brain tissues are extremely tender. Moreover, these wires must have to be extremely thin and flexible because the device is to be implanted in the human brain for a long time.

Neuralink can be very significant especially for healthcare, medical and artificial intelligence industries and have a great impact on their businesses. Moreover, Digital InfoLab is supporting this upcoming Neuralink AI technology to support the community in various ways.

This technology would bridge up the gap of this era with the upcoming artificial intelligent era, where everything will work as of computer, the mind will run fast and much more advantages in the near future.

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