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Deciding Between React Native And Xamarin

Xamarin and React Native are two leading cross-platform development frameworks. Cross-platform development is used for building mobile applications for various mobile platforms.

Different other types of RPA:

What is Xamarin?

It is a cross-platform framework for mobile app development. .It is very useful for sharing business logic and code across various platforms as well as writing applications. You can write Xamarin apps on a MAC or PC and then incorporate them into native packages like .apk for Android and .ipa for iOS devices respectively. Apps built using Xamarin includes Stroyo, The World Bank, FreshDirect, Olo and many more.

Benefits of Xamarin

They have a complete ecosystem for development including Microsoft Visual Studio,C#,.Net which makes it the most complete cross-platform mobile app development framework. It offers a seamless user experience with native-like performances.


The main disadvantages include delay in updates, app sizes are very large, heavy graphics takes much time to build up, and platform-specific codes demand extensive knowledge of specific softwares.

What is React Native?

React Native is also another cross-platform mobile app development framework. It was developed by Facebook and it is open source. Some of the apps built by React Native include Facebook, Uber Eats, Instagram, Skype, Pinterest, Myntra and many more.

Benefits of React Native

Deploys native UI components to serve an excellent user interface. It has access to a vast library of ready-made components. It grants access to different functionalities which are native-like. It is very reliable as developed and supported by Facebook. Loads very fast and helps the developers to apply changes very fast.

Disadvantages of React Native

Poor navigation that is not flawless and can't be compared to native navigation. It uses complex UI for building transitions and animations.

Which one to choose?

1. Performance

Both of them provide app performances that are near-native. It is very hard to decide as it depends on variables and factors like the app, code, device and features which are being used.

2. Popularity

Xamarin has developed a user base over many years but since it's release React Native has received much praise and love and surpassed Xamarin's popularity within a very short period of time. It has gained more popularity day by day as developers continue to choose it as their first preference.

3. Development languages

Xamarin uses .Net languages such as F# and C# which are very common and can be used to write platform codes that are native. On the other hand, React Native makes use of JavaScript. Users can face some problems developing mobile apps as JavaScript was invented for web applications and some API will not be able to work properly. As C# is the fifth most popular programming language and JavaScript is the seventh, both Xamarin and React Native are excellent choices for language development.

4. Pricing

Both are open-source platforms. While React Native is completely free Xamarin is free for small companies and individuals. For large enterprises, costs can add up with Xamarin subscriptions so bigger enterprises prefer to choose React Native. Any framework has its shortcomings but at the end of the day, it depends on what are you designing and building. The one which can fulfill all your needs and outweighs other ones can be the perfect choice for you.

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