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Top Ways To Make Improvements In Your Marketing Strategies With The Help Of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence refers to the enactment of human intelligence in machines which are programmed in a way that they can store data of human thoughts and actions and imitate them. Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. It denotes the computer's ability to learn and act like humans without assistance from them. Enterprises should always look out for opportunities for content creation in an automated way. This can make a big impact and lead to a very high ROI. Here are some of the marketing strategies that can improve a company’s AI:

1. Customized website experience.

AI helps you to stimulate your client experience with intelligent customization on your site. Algorithms used by AI help in enhancing website experience. It analyzes numerous data points about every user which includes location and device. Using these AI can exhibit the most suitable content and offers. It analyzes the behaviors of the viewers and chooses push notifications to send to the right person at the right time.

2. Content Creation.

At present content is created by machines using simple formats and rule sets including quarterly and yearly business reviews, summaries of loss and profit, stock insights, sports game and shows recaps etc. Artificial intelligence can mimic human thoughts and behaviours and incorporate them into their writings so that your users can relate to the reports easily. Specific AI tools can produce personalized messages, reports and email contents.

3. Incorporating Chatbots

AI Infused chatbots can give suggestions and advice when research is in the beginning phase. You can give your customers unique experience with customized contents. Chatbots can detect patterns, specific choices and also particular issues of a single user.AI can be used as an advisor for not only buyers but also whenever someone visits the site.

4. Curation of intelligent email content

AI can analyze the reading habits, topics of interest and can recommend related content to that user. Assistance of AI can be taken to generate specially curated emails to target audience. But you have to create special AI-backed softwares as not all of them can learn from client choices.

5. Prediction of churns and engagement of smart customers

Tools powered by Artificial Intelligence can gather information and build a model based on the gathered data. The model then further is tested on actual clients. The data collected from them indicates the churning stage the client is at. Short churn customer rejects a product after a very short time of usage and to re-engage with them is not easy. But late churn customers who have a long term relationship with your company can be engaged again. For every company and product churn prediction is different.

6. Customer insights based on Artificial Intelligence

AI can gather nervous data including purchase behaviours, on-site interactions, referral sources, geo-specific events and past communications. With the help of all this AI can match clients perfectly to the products they would use the most. They can keep track of the clients who can return products. They can help to include and exclude specific campaigns according to customer's choices.

7. Image recognition based on Artificial Intelligence

In recent years softwares have become highly efficient in image recognition. Image recognition can lead to better synchronization between store visits and online content. Knowing how a person visits shops and select products can enable you to create and content and information. The data collected from facial recognition from in-store can add up a significant layer for personalizing your client's in-store content experience. ROI of your campaigns when they are offline can also be tracked.

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