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Types Of RPA Technology And Their Applications

Robotic Process Automation technology comprises of tools that create specialized agents to complete clerical tasks. RPA software is needed for completing tasks that require jumping from one application to another and need little thinking. RPA programming is easier to learn and implement than other programming options. RPA automated bots can do back-office jobs and help in business productivity and less human error. The main three types of RPA are:

Here are some top facts about cloud computing:

  • Attended automation which requires help from humans during performing an automation process.
  • Unattended automation which are smart tools that can make their own decisions.
  • Hybrid RPA which includes tools having integrated capabilities of both unattended and attended automation tools.

Different other types of RPA:

1. Blue Prism|

This can work on any platform with any kind of application. It is very user friendly for developers and you should have skills related to programming. This tool is ideal for large and medium-sized enterprises.
Pros: Independence on any platform and execution is always high speed.
Cons: One should have programming knowledge and skills. Its price is very high.

2. Inflectra Rapise

It supports hybrid business environments. It is friendly for non-developers and programmers. It automates desktop, web and mobile applications. It goes well for small and medium enterprises. Automation projects of any size are supported by it. It has a special role if supporting Microsoft Dynamics Applications.
Pros: Execution is very fast and also non-developer friendly. Certifications and training back up the processes.
Cons: The only shortcoming is that is a platform applicable on only windows.

3. UiPath

Core capabilities are provided by it. It supports Citrix. It is made to handle complex operations and is right for a business of any size. It provides faster automation. It can manage credentials, provides encryption and controls access based on roles. Pros: UI is very easy to use through the drag and drop policy. Programming skills are not required. It provides very good and useful features that are free of cost. Cons: Its coding functionality is very limited.

4. Automation anywhere

Automation anywhere cloud services along with on-premise facilities. This user-friendly tool is ideal for medium and large establishments. Security is ensured through encryption, credentials and authentication. It is completely platform-independent.
Pros: User-friendliness is the best quality of automation anywhere.
Cons: Improvement of IQBot is needed.

5. Pega

Pega is basically a business management tool used on desktop servers. It can provide only cloud-based services or solutions. It works well on Linux, Windows and Mac. It helps to store every data in memory instead of a database.
Pros: It is a reliable and robust tool.
Cons: It does not provide an on-premise solution.

6. Contextor

Contextor provides both cloud and on-premise services. It also provides support for Citrix. It works well for workstation applications. It supports RDP hybrid virtualization ecosystem and Citrix. Analytics and reports are provided by it. Context communicates well with minimized applications as well as active applications.
Pros: It can be infused with AI. Works super fast.
Cons: Only Windows operated systems are supported by it.

7. Nice systems

RPA tools of Nice are named as NEVA-Nice Employee Virtual Attendant. This tool helps the employee in tasks that are repetitive. It provides services to automate tasks and compliance adherence. This system is ideal for employees from HR, finance and back offices. It provides automation of both attended and unattended servers.
Pros: It helps you with advanced analytics.
Cons: None.

Various industries use robotic process automation including banking, healthcare, manufacture, retail, insurance and telecommunication industries.

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