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Enterprise Mobility

Digital Infolab with its enterprise mobility implements policies, procedures, and technologies that allow safe and efficient access to corporate apps, data, and services, according to services.


Employees may do their work from anywhere using a range of devices and software, which is known as enterprise mobility.

The term most generally applies to the use of mobile devices for business purposes, such as smartphones and tablets. However, it also requires the mobility of company data as well as the mobility of employees. An employee could upload a presentation from their desktop PC to a cloud storage service, then access it from a personal Apple iPad to display at a client site as an example of enterprise mobility.

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) and other innovations have emerged to assist IT departments in allowing mobile employees while also mitigating security risks. A good appropriate usage policy for workers, like we do, will also help a company's mobility plan succeed. The term "Enterprise Mobility" refers to the growing trend of companies promoting remote operations for workers using wireless devices.

Our Enterprise Mobility services help companies save time and money by allowing workers to work from anywhere, on any device. Employees who use smartphones to get work done show a 34 percent improvement in productivity and a gain of 58 minutes per day, according to a new Frost & Sullivan survey.

At Digital Infolab, when it comes to enterprise mobility, we provide a wide range of services to establish a framework for policies and procedures taking a methodical approach.

How we can help

Digital Infolabs’ Enterprise mobility is useful because it provides workers with more flexibility and opportunities, which can increase work satisfaction and productivity.

By encouraging workers to work while on the move, our Enterprise Mobility increases efficiency. However, if these mobile devices are not properly handled, they may pose a security risk to the organization. But with Digital Infolab, you don’t need to worry as we give protection from all possible problems like data loss or unauthorized data access. Protection from installation of malicious software, which could result in a malware attack on the entire corporate network, is another significant feature which we provide.

By managing computers, applications, information, and access, Digital Infolab’s Enterprise Mobility software/solution helps you to keep security threats at bay without affecting productivity. Organizations can use our EMM solutions to block malicious apps on devices, enforce security policies on devices, allow encryption on devices, prevent unauthorized access and sharing of corporate data across all of the organization's devices, and remotely delete corporate content from lost/stolen devices. Employees can safely access company data without fear of data loss or theft as a result of this.

Benefits to your Business

  • From a single console, control various devices.
  • Make use of our profiles, rules, and limitations.
  • Encrypt company data on personal devices to ensure safe business mobile management.
  • Introduce a robust app and computer protection policy.
  • Use configurable reports to keep track of properties.
  • Find and uninstall jailbroken and rooted computers.
  • Real-time monitoring of mobile devices.
  • Keep track of available OS updates on your computers.
  • With remote computer troubleshooting, you can cut down on IT support desk calls.
  • Clean and revoke machines on a case-by-case basis.
  • The sales team will handle the sales funnel and promotions on the go with our excellent enterprise mobility system services!

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