The Top Trend In AI 2021

Various definitions can be put forward to explain artificial intelligence. Still, the main idea behind AI is to develop skills and software in the machines to perform a job that usually would have required human intelligence and intervention. One of the most outstanding scientists Alan Turing, who is also called the father of Artificial Intelligence, shaped the vision and arithmetical reasoning behind Artificial Intelligence, wherein machines and computers would have the option to duplicate human behavior mind.

18 Feb 2021

Here are the latest AI Trends of 2021:


Hyper-automation is the blending of robotic automation with human skills and technologies to result in increased automation. According to Digital InfoLab, this trend is going to be a significant part of technological transformation. The potency of automation has been well known. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant showcase of its potential, as automation has smoothed the disruption to office functionings during a pandemic situation. According to Digital InfoLab, as a branch of automation, hyper-automation might grow better.

Rise of IoT:

When the Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) meet, they give rise to Artificial Intelligence of Things (IoT). The devices will now become smarter to analyze the data on their own. With the application of IoT, the devices do not require human intervention and can decide on their own.
With IoT, devices connected with the internet will grasp the information they gather. Or learn the speech without sending the information to the cloud.
For example, the smart office created with the help of IoT has the potential of making decisions regarding light and heat processes to save power consumption. It is not restricted to checking about the presence of people in the room. For a domestic model, an AIoT refrigerator lets you know a delicious recipe from the available ingredients in it.

Enhanced Use of Cyber Security AI:

The rise in the usage of AI-controlled cyber security can be felt from the year 2021 onwards. Our experts at Digital InfoLab can help with the usage of AI-enabled cyber security with the timely detection and prevention of risks and threats.
For example, by recognizing patterns and figuring out how to spot threats or on the other hand, preventing unapproved access and cyber-attacks by figuring out how to identify the unusual or alarming activity.

AI-Enabled Chips:

Despite the complex mechanism of AI, its functions require low power consumption than others. The AI-enabled chips can work even on small powers but process huge data simultaneously. The processing is so sophisticated that its usage can be seen in devices around us. In this competitive era, tapping the opportunity rapidly is what every organization aims for. AI chips provide the much-needed speed to process and analyse any data. Increased dependency on AI-enabled chips will be observed in the coming years due to its high potential.


AI has the capacity of modifying the technological world. This revolution can be adopted quickly with the help of services provided by Digital InfoLab. Post the experience of covid; it has become essential for the industries to keep a check on trending technologies and adapt to the same.

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