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Ios Or Android: Which Of The Platform Is Better For API Development

The Application Programming Interface or API is the software behind the connectivity of various applications over the internet. From placing an online order to reserving a table online, every service is possible due to API. The functioning of API is all about receiving the request and telling the system software about it to follow the action for the same. It is the bridge between two applications, data, and devices that helps in interaction. Moreover, API makes the communication of applications possible. Building an App for Android or iOS depends on:

Target Audience

Although Android enjoys a significant market share, iOS has topped in getting customers to spend more time on the apps. Therefore, it depends on the goals of the business in choosing the platform. Developers should set the geography and demography of the API. If the company aims to target a specific area or continent, the prevalence of the platform should be checked. Just like, North America has IOS users while Android holds Asia. However, it totally depends on the choices and target group for which platform should be chosen.


Developing an application can be costly and time-consuming for a business. It is imperative to weigh these parameters before choosing any platform. Developing any application using android is time-consuming and expensive as compared to IOS. IOS is very fast, but it does not provide exposure to multiple screening of different sizes. The business decides whether they wish to focus on the cost and time of building an application or the exposure to different screen sizes. Based on complexity and feature, the decision can be taken accordingly.

Coding and rules

Developing applications in IOS is uncomplicated and easy. IOS uses swift as a language to the program while Android uses a language with complexities and coding called java. Swift is more effortless when compared to Android’s programming language, java. Moreover, IOS allows the programmer to build for standardized devices, unlike Android. But IOS has strict rules and checking processes for any application developed for the app store, and apps get rejected easily.

App earnings

When it comes to Android, users are unwilling to pay the price to download the app. Android might have a market share but the revenue of application is half of IOS applications despite double the number of downloads. If monetizing the application is the objective of the business IOS is generally preferred. But if getting a market share and earning by way of in-app ads and purchases is the goal, Android is more suitable.

Features and security

Using Android as a platform for developing an app leads to various features of the application. Android has an open environment helping the programmer to build new functions. But Android is also exposed to malware and pirated applications due to its open-source, which is extremely protected in IOS. Programming using IOS is more secured but leads to lesser features.


Better communication and connection are encouraged by API. Various platforms can be used by businesses to develop the application, which enables them to reach their goals. From the variety, programmers need to decide which platform helps the organization in accomplishing its said objectives. Usage of Android and IOS for the development of applications has their add-on and setbacks.

We at Digital InfoLab provide development of both android and IOS, it is totally your choice to decide what you prefer for development. The business owner needs to decide which advantage is more beneficial compared to the risk offered by the platform. Moreover, Digital InfoLab can guide you for the same if you feel confused; you can take expert guidance from our experts

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